Privacy Policy

This policy outlines the types of information we collect from visitors and users, what we do with that information, and how we protect the privacy of anyone accessing or using our website. Please read through this policy so that you understand our practices.

We Collect Two Kinds of Information

  1. Anonymous General Information

Like most online companies, we collect information related to browsers used to access our site, IP addresses, and the pages of our site that are visited, including how long a visitor spends on each page. No personal information of any single user is collected. We use this information to modify and improve our website and visitor experiences.

  1. User Information

When a user opens an account with us, s/he will supply full name and email address. Users are only identified by first name and first initial of last name. We never reveal any other information. By supplying this information and setting up a profile, users can then post comments, participate in discussions, have conversations with other individual users, search our site, and share information with other users. Should a user personal information change, we request that they provide us with an update.

Use of Cookies: Temporary cookies are in place when a user accesses our site, but end when that user leaves. We do use a persistent cookie which allows users to login easily. User can terminate cookies at any time.

Posting Content

You post content at your own risk. And you do have the right to set some individual privacy settings on your profile page. These are not guaranteed.

If you supply any personal information to any other user, we are not responsible for any consequences. You may remove postings from your page, but that content has already been made public on our site.

Users should consider any content they post as public, and we are not responsible for how that content is used by others.

Terms and Conditions Agreement

We have a Terms and Conditions Agreement to which all users are bound. It is important that you read through that policy so that you understand your rights, responsibilities, and content restrictions.

Inviting Others to Join

If a user wants to invite someone else to join, then they place that request with us. We will contact that individual with an invitation in your name. Should they decide not to join, we will keep that contact information for future communication, and they may opt out of receiving any further communication from us.

Use of Our Site by Minors

Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to join our site. if we discover that a user is under 13, we will immediately terminate that account. If a parent provides a notarized statement that we can verify, we will allow a child to re-join.

Children between the ages of 13-18 are urged to get their parent/guardian permission before joining ours or anyone else’s site. It is just good practice.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We do use your email address to send you information that we think will interest you. You can always opt out of our emails, but we will still contact you if there is an important piece of information our users need to have.

Users are responsible for their individual privacy settings. We urge you to be cautious in providing other users with personal information.

Providing User Information to Third Parties

There are times when we do share user information with third parties, if we believe they have information or products a user may be interested in. however, we do not provide any information beyond that which is on the user’s public profile.

Instances When Full Personal Information is Shared

We do share in the following instances:

  1. If a legal authority requests it or if we suspect that a user has violated the law in using our site or publishing content.
  2. If we should transfer ownership of our site to another party, all user information will go with that transfer.
  3. If a user makes a purchase on our site, information will be shared with a third-party payment processor.

Use of Third Party Links

There are third-party links on our site. We do not guarantee their security nor anything that they may offer in terms of products or services. Users access those third-party sites at their own risk, and we are not responsible if their privacy is violated or if other negative consequences occur as a result of that activity.

Site Security

We have the latest and most sophisticated measures in place to protect the personal information of our users. Your postings, your profile and any communications you have with others uses is not protected, however. Providing personal information to others users is done so at your own risk.

Binding Policies

Our policies are binding. Once you choose to use and/or join our site, you are automatically bound by our policies. And your use is confirmation that you have read and understood these policies.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Users will be notified if any changes are made to this policy. Such changes become effective as soon as they are published.