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Company Information and Review Methodology

It is unclear how long has been in business. It is a writing service owned by the corporation, Global Soft. We have located information in the form of comments and feedback that goes back two years, so we are assuming it is a relatively new company.

Because of comments sent into us, we decided to conduct a review of Elite Writings, so that we can give our users accurate and comprehensive information. In putting together this review, we looked at a lot of things – the company website, its policies and services, EliteWritings testimonials the company has published, pricing, other benefits, information about writers, quality of customer service, customer reviews of EliteWritings we were able to find on the web, and our own experience with ordering a research paper.

Website Insights

The company offers academic and business writing. The academic writing service spans high school through the Ph.D. level and includes a full array of products and services. Business writing is limited to resume and CV services. Editing services round out the offerings.

The site loads quickly as do each of the links that visitors can click to get more information.

We reviewed all of the written content and were a bit disappointed to see grammar and composition errors. If they have only native English-speaking writers with Masters’ and Ph.D. degrees, we wonder why the site content appears to be written by a non-native.

We also reviewed a few of the service pages that provided more detail about specific products. Unfortunately, the content was vague and focused more on duplicate information about benefits of using the service.

The blog posts had some interesting topics but they, too, had grammatical errors.

What Others Have to Say

We conducted a web search to find reviews of There were none on any other review sites, but we did find comments and feedback from customers in other places. In general, they can be summed up like this:

  • Everyone commented that they did receive their ordered products on time.
  • There were negative comments about the grammar and composition quality
  • Some customers complained about the quality of resources used for research.
  • Others stated that they had a tough time getting the company to respond to their questions and issues – it took a long time.

Our Experience: Customer Service

Methods of contact are via phone and live chat. Visitors are unable to call directly. They send a message with a question and then receive a return call from an agent “within 15 minutes.” We made contact by this method, but did not receive a response for a couple of hours. The live chat feature operates well; however, it seems that the agents are not as trained as perhaps they should be. We asked detailed questions about dissertations, and it seemed like the agent did not even know what a dissertation was. We were also told that we could get a complete dissertation in two days. We were shocked, but did complete a pricing inquiry and, sure enough, we could get the product for $7600.

Our Experience: Writing Quality

We were interested to see the results of our college research paper order, considering some of the negative comments we read.

We were not happy with the product. There were grammar errors that clearly indicated an ESL writer had been assigned. We were also disappointed with the quality of resources – some were outdated and others were too elementary for the college level.

Prices, Discounts and Payment Methods prices are average in comparison. Academic writing begins at $11.99/page, resumes at $77, and editing at $5.99/page. Our paper, 8 pages with a 7-day deadline was $159,92, but we had an EliteWritings discount code for a newcomer 15% price break, bringing it down to $135.93. Other discounts, between 5 – 15% can be earned based upon numbers of pages ordered and sharing the company on social media. We did not find any special Elite Writing promo codes and only the one EliteWritings coupon for new customers.

Payment methods are secure, handled by a third-party processor. And customer confidentiality is guaranteed by good security methods. Is Elite Writings safe? Yes, it is.

Final Conclusion

We have some issues with Elite Writings. First, we are pretty certain they are using ESL writers, at least in some instances. Quality of writing is not at the level of many other services we have reviewed. Further, we cannot find an BBB membership, something we like to see, especially if a company is located in the U.S., as this company states it is. Students can find much better writing services for the price, and our overall rating of is “Fair” at best.


Highly important for me, it was the full rewriting of the thesis I gave to the elitewritings company. Somehow, they didn`t fit in with timing, nor they followed any rules of accuracy and I`d stay completely speechless about the communication between me and their writer. So unworthy, no matter what side you take a look at it from. Don`t like.

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Dirty service? I didn`t get any quality assurance that proved the writing was accurate and non-plagiarised. Due to what, I highly doubt their writing skills or even their honesty. Cannot advise to use them for college assignments.