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Company Information And Review Methodology is an academic writing service that targets students with offers of writing papers such as essays and research papers. It is a company that is well known enough that we feel obligated to write a review of Essay Services. However, it is important to keep in mind that it takes quite a bit of work to make these reviews accurate and informative. This is why each review we right involves taking a series of steps.

  • We answered the question, is Essay Services safe?
  • We read customers’ reviews of EssayServices.
  • An exploration of the writing service’s website was conducted.
  • In order to provide insight into what it’s like to be an actual customer, we placed an order for a college level essay.
  • We reviewed that essay to determine whether or not it met our standards.
  • Time was taken to interact with writers and customer support staff.
  • We compared prices, features, and discounts with other websites.

We’ve done the research and invested the money. All you have to do is keep reading to get the real skinny on this company.

Website Insights

It is our policy to take time to review the quality of the websites of the companies that we review. There were some EssayServices testimonials. These were positive as anyone would expect. However, the website just didn’t  have much to offer. We didn’t find blog posts or other informational content. The site was a bit difficult to navigate, and it was slow loading for the most part.

What Others Have to Say

Our search of BBB was fruitless. So, we cannot talk about that thoroughly. However, customers and others have left reviews and other information. Sadly many of these reviews are negative.  We heard about poor writing and concerns about false claims. These deal specifically with the companies assurance that they only use native English speaking writers. Many expressed that it was obvious by the writing errors in their papers that they employ writers whose first language is not English.

Our Experience: Customer Service

While customer service was always polite and courteous, it appears that there is a bit of a training gap. In many instances, customer support agents were unable to answer what should have been very basic questions.

Our Experience: Writing Quality

Sadly, this is where we had the most problems. We were told that our writer would be in regular contact, and that we could contact them. While we didn’t expect an immediate response, we did think we should hear back within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we would wait two to three days before our writer would respond to our questions or give us an update.

Things got worse when we received our paper. It was full of errors, and the writer failed to follow our instructions regarding length and citation. Like other customers, it was pretty clear to us that our writer was not a native speaker.

Prices Discounts And Payment Methods

Our paper cost 14.78 per page. However, that was after a discount code was automatically applied. Without using that EssayServices coupon, the price would have been just over 16.00 per page. This makes prices fairly average. We did not see any other Essay Services promo codes. Price here is not nearly as much of a concern as writing quality.

We chose to make payment using PayPal. The company also accepts debit and credit cards, and other standard form of payment. There was no issue that we encountered with our payment.

Final Conclusion

Truth be told, we would prefer that all of our reviews came to a positive conclusion. After all, the more quality writing services the better. Unfortunately, our rating of is below average. While customer service was polite and helpful, things fell apart when it came to writing quality, professionalism, and website navigation. Because of this, we have to agree with other reviews of This service provider simply is not reliable enough.

If you are earnestly looking for help with a writing project or assignment, don’t let this review discourage you. We have reviewed several writing services that truly do offer quality work and customer support. Check out our other reviews, and you will almost certainly find an excellent company to work with.


Positive comments? Seriously? My fully written paper had to be proofread in 48 hours. I was assured and promised for the task to be on time. Yet, where is it?! It`s been over 60 hours for now and I still even haven`t heard from them anything about my paper. My patience is on the edge, I`m not going to leave it so simply and unsolved!

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Maybe for someone, they were nice, but not for me. I didn`t get even a single hint of the writing help I hoped for. That`s sad((