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Company Information And Review Methodology is an academic, copywriting, and resume/CV writing service. They have been around for some time, and several of our audience members have shown an interest in learning more about them. Because of this, we have decided to write this review of In order to be as fair and accurate as possible, we took the following steps.

  • Search BBB to answer the question, is Essay State safe?
  • Explore the writing service website.
  • Read customers’ reviews of
  • Placed an order for an essay for a college junior.
  • Reviewed the essay we received for quality and accuracy.
  • Compared prices with other writing services.
  • Communicated with writers and customer support agents.

Keep reading for more details. We give our final thoughts in the last paragraph.

Website Insights

In terms of ease of navigation, you can’t get much better than this. All of the information that we needed was easy to find. The pages loaded quickly. This website is mobile friendly. We accessed the site using a couple of different browsers, and did not have any difficulties.

In terms of content, the site is very well written. The policies and other information is easy to understand. It was easy to place our order. There’s also some nice bonus content. There are blog posts, writing samples, and other useful information.

What Others Have to Say

The reviews of that we found were largely positive. Customers compliment pricing, customer service, and quality. The testimonials we found on the website were also positive. The BBB check we mentioned above found no complaints.

Our Experience: Customer Service

We made a point to engage with customer service on several occasions. We interacted with them both online through a chat feature, and over the phone. The representatives were consistently courteous and professional.

Our Experience: Writing Quality

We were quite impressed with our essay. We received it a few days before it was due. The writer did an excellent job. They followed our instructions, and produced a paper that was at the appropriate academic level, and very well-written.

Prices Discounts And Payment Methods prices are quite attractive. 14.99 per page is very reasonable and comparable to similar services. In addition to being inexpensive, Essay State promo codes are also available. We used an Essay State coupon and saved quite a bit of money on our order. We also learned that there’s an discount code available for nearly every situation.

We opted to make payment using PayPal. However, all other standard forms of online payment are also accepted. Payments are processed safely and securely.

Final Conclusion

We are happy to conclude our review of Essay State with an unwavering endorsement of this writing service. Our overall rating of is superb. The EssayState testimonials are true. This is a writing service that deserves praise and earns our endorsement. They score high points when it comes to pricing, website navigation, safety, customer support, and writing. Every part of our experience was excellent.

It is for the reasons detailed in the review above that we highly recommend this online writing service to students and others. Anyone who needs help with any writing assignment should check this company out before making a final decision.


A bunch of papers in seven days with full list of sources included in the bibliography and with the samples of the problems` solutions - essaystate, you`re wonderful just as your crew. Even though there was no plagiarism report, I did a small check-up myself, just to make sure everything was ok. And yep, it was. Thanks a lot guys.

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Was the seventh paperwork I had ordered at Each time I got an excellent one and had never had a delay. Super, isn`t it?!