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Company Information And Review Methodology is an academic writing service. We were not able to ascertain much else about them. They don’t offer location information on their website or anything about their company history. As always, our goal is to ensure that our review of Get Essay Done, is complete and accurate. To do this, we took the following steps.

Website Insights

Our first doubts came when were began exploring the company website. The first thing that stood out was how poorly written the on page content was. It is clearly written in broken English and the phrasing is off base. One wonders who would attempt to sell the service of professional writing via such a poorly written website. Unfortunately, we also encountered several broken links.

The website does have a blog. However, the content contained within simply isn’t interesting enough to  hold our attention. The site does appear to be mobile friendly.

What Others Have to Say

Reviews of are largely negative. The most common complaints centered around writing quality and customer service. We struggled to find any positive commentary. A search for BBB did not reveal any complaints. Overall, it appears as if this writing service hasn’t done anything fraudulent. On the other hand, they don’t appear to have  satisfied many of their customers either.

  • Researched the company online and read customers’ reviews of GetEssayDone.
  • Sought answers to the question, ‘Is Get Essay Done safe?’
  • Placed an order for a college level essay of standard quality.
  • Explored the writing service’s website.
  • Reviewed the essay written for us for quality and other important factors.
  • Interacted with customer support and our writer.

To learn more about this writing service provider, keep reading below.

Our Experience: Customer Service

While we never found customer support to be directly rude, they were certainly unhelpful. When we asked about policies and services, we were curtly directed to read the website. Then, when we contacted the company about issues with our paper nobody seemed to be empowered to help us.

Our Experience: Writing Quality

Sadly, but not entirely unexpectedly, the essay we received was of absolutely terrible quality. There were both grammatical and factual errors that would make the paper absolutely impossible to turn in without significant revisions. Clearly our writer was not qualified.

Prices Discounts And Payment Methods

Our essay cost 12.99 per page. As a result, prices are a bit below average. This may be attractive at first. Unfortunately, as mentioned above low price often leads to low quality. We were given a discount code to receive 15% off. Unfortunately, our GetEssayDone coupon did not help when it came to quality or customer service. Other Get Essay Done promo codes are available on the site.

To make our payment, we used Paypal. The company also accepts debit and credit cards as well as wire transfers. We did not encounter problems with our payment.

Final Conclusion

It should be clear at this point that are final rating of is very poor. We were first put off by poorly written, nearly unintelligible website. Unfortunately, things got worse from there. Everything from the clearly falsified GetEssayDone testimonials to poor customer service to embarrassingly bad writing contributed to this poor assessment. We regretfully cannot and will not endorse this writing service.

If you are considering hiring a writer to assist you with any academic writing chore, please consider another service. We have reviewed several that have proven to be trustworthy and a great value for your dollar. Don’t waste your time with low quality writing services.


I couldn`t believe in the amount of copy-paste that I had discovered when was checking out my term paper online with copyscape. Like how come a service could charge you so much, give you so little, and that little would be so wrecked by plagiarism?!?!?!? HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO STAY S FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM THEM. Myself, I would beat them up to get the full money back for my wrecked order.

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I`m still impressed by the "high" quality of my paper. What the hell is that?! Is it even a paper?! What did I waste my $300 on?!?!