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Company Information and Review Methodology has been in the writing service business for 5 years. According to the company website, it offers academic writing and editing for students in high school, college and graduate programs. It also offers a variety of business writing.

In preparing to write this review, we have exhausted all efforts to find out as much as possible:

  • We reviewed the entire website content
  • We reviewed site-based MyPaperWriter testimonials
  • We checked customer reviews of MyPaperWriter on other review sites and elsewhere on the web
  • We read all reviews of that have been sent to us.
  • We looked for samples and policies
  • We checked prices, discounts, and other features/benefits
  • We ordered a college research paper ourselves

We have summarized our findings in the following:

Website Insights

We have mixed feeling about this website. First, there are no links to normal information that potential customers would want, and there are no policies in a prominent place. There is a user agreement which a customer can access when he places an order.

There are no samples for visitors to read and review

The company boasts only native English-speaking writers from the U.S. and the UK. However, glaring grammar and word usage errors were found throughout the site content – “You’re service fee will be refunded” an “What subject they should right about” are just two of many examples. We were not impressed.

There is no phone number, which always raises a red flag for us. Contact is only through chat and email.

There is no indication of a BBB membership

What Others Have to Say

Customer reviews, comments and feedback are not highly positive. In fact, there are complaints about the following:

  • Poor quality of research resources
  • Poor writing composition
  • Some customers complained about the lack of response from their writers and the customer support department

Our Experience: Customer Service

We contacted the customer support department by live chat on two occasions. We have a set of detailed questions that we ask all such departments. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the detailed answers we wanted. We were told to take up these questions with our writer after we had placed and paid for our order.

Our Experience: Writing Quality

The same types of grammar and composition errors that we found on the site and that other customer found were found in our product too. We would not have been able to submit the paper as written. Resources were far more appropriate for a high school paper – one was Wikipedia.

Prices, Discounts, and Payment Methods

We found prices to be a bit high for the industry average. They begin at $17.55/page for a high school piece with a 15-day deadline. Business writing has standard or premium options and begins at $22.16/page for standard quality. Our 8-page paper with a 7-day deadline was $227.20. We found not MyPaperWriter coupon for a newcomer discount, nor any discount code of any type. However, there is a small entry on the site about discounts from 4 – 15% based upon the cumulative number of ordered pages over time. Again, there are no My Paper Writer promo codes for these discounts, but we were told by customer support that we could request these when we qualified.

Payment is by all major credit cards, and we are satisfied that the processing methods are secure. So, is My Paper Writer safe? In terms of payment security, yes. Because there is no Privacy Policy, however, we are not certain how personal information is protected.

Final Conclusion

There seems to be some lack of transparency on the part of this company – both in missing policies, no phone number, and vague responses from customer support. Then, too, there is the obviously exaggerated claim that only native English-speaking experts prepare the ordered products. Our overall review of My Paper Writer leaves questions and suspicions and includes serious concerns about quality. For these reasons, we do not recommend this company.


Failed. Eternally failed research proposal from the Mypaperwriter service. I would strongly advise to look for another company as this "bunch of experts" wouldn`t help you. I requested full money back and currently am waiting for their reply. Who knows, whether I`d get it or not...

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