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Company Information And Review Methodology is an internet based company that offers what they term ‘rephrasing’ services to students and others. However, in addition to these services, they also offer traditional writing services. This review of Rephraser is based upon their writing services as they apply to academic writing. Because of our commitment to accuracy and fairness, there are several steps that we took in order to write a fair review.

  • We read customers’ reviews of Rephraser and searched BBB.
  • We compared the company’s pricing structure with other services.
  • We placed an order for a college level essay.
  • We explored the company website and read its content.
  • We spoke with our writer and two customer support agents.
  • We reviewed the essay we received to determine if it was acceptable.

All of these steps allowed us to get the needed information and insights to write the remainder of this review.

Website Insights

We found the website very difficult to navigate. The policies were unclear, and we struggled to find important information. We encountered scripting errors and slowly loading pages. There isn’t much in terms of bonus content. We did not find a blog or interesting articles. There are writing samples, that relate to rephrasing, but those appear convoluted to say the least.

What Others Have to Say

We found no positive Rephraser testimonials. The reviews we did find offline are largely negative. The BBB and other consumer groups do not have this company listed anywhere. All in all, it appears that they have struggled to create a good reputation.

Our Experience: Customer Service

Customer service was quite lackluster. We often had difficulty contacting people online or over the phone. In fact, only two of our attempts were successful. Unfortunately, we did not receive the information or help we were seeking.

Our Experience: Writing Quality

Our essay came on time. Unfortunately, it was so poorly written that it would not have been useful for any student. It is clear that there is no QA or editing process used here.

Prices Discounts And Payment Methods

At 16.99 per page, prices are on the higher side of average. Normally, this would not be an issue. Unfortunately, quality and customer support issues make this a pretty poor value. We did use a discount code. We were a bit miffed to realize that applying this Rephraser coupon, our price didn’t go down. Apparently the advertised price is the price after the discount. We can say that other Rephraser promo codes are available online.

Payments can be made via PayPal, debit, or credit card. We used PayPal. We did not encounter any difficulties.

Final Conclusion

Is Rephraser safe? In the sense that customers do receive a product or service in return for their money, yes. We did not find evidence of fraud. Unfortunately, it isn’t a safe bet for students who are looking for good writing and quality customer service. Just like other reviews of are negative, we also must give a final rating of very poor. Everything from dealing with customer service to navigating the website was frustrating. Most importantly, the essay we received was not up to even the most forgiving quality standards.

Because of this, we strongly urge anyone in need of writing help to simply bypass this company. There are two many decent writing companies, many of which are reviewed right here, to take a risk with a service like this.


Even though I provided them with my personal research and calculations, there occurred to be not able to combine it in the whole lab report. I`m sadden as I placed some expectations and hopes, and yeah, the main hope was to save some time for preparations for exams... Instead, now I have to write the report myself and find another amount of money to live on, cause I throw out a nice one. "thank" you rephraser...

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I thought the name Rephraser was made out of the word rephrase and meant they were good with rewriting and rephrasing different papers. What a misunderstanding. Occurred, they should have been named as Promisers, because that is the only thing they are good at.