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Company Information And Review Methodology

Welcome to our review of Wow Grade. Here we will answer questions such as, ‘is Wow Grade safe?’ and ‘Can I rely on them to provide me with excellent customer service?’ In order to do so, we take the following steps:

  • Research the company online.
  • Place an order for a college level essay.
  • Review the essay for quality.
  • Explore the company website.
  • Interact with our writer and customer service agents.

We discovered that this is a writing service that offers assistance to business professionals, students, and job seekers. The remainder of this review will highlight our experiences.

Website Insights is clearly a professionally designed website. We were able to find our way around easily. The site is mobile friendly, and there are extras including information about writers, a blog, and writing samples. The pages loaded quickly. It only took us a few minutes to place an order.

What Others Have to Say

In order to ensure that we provide readers with enough information, we read customers’ reviews of WowGrade. The great majority were quite positive. In addition to this, we searched for BBB. We did not find any complaints or other negative activity. All in all, public perception appears to be quite high.

Our Experience: Customer Service

WowGrade testimonials almost universally praised this company for excellent customer service. We can say that we agree with these assessments. We contacted customer support on several occasions. We used both their online customer service option as well as contacting them by phone. They were always available whenever we contacted them. Each time, they gave us information we requested, and patiently and politely answered our questions.

Our Experience: Writing Quality

It goes without saying that this is the most important feature of all. Fortunately, we found the writing quality to be excellent. Our paper was factually accurate, it was well written, and the writer clearly understood the subject matter. There were no significant spelling or grammar errors either. We received our paper before the deadline and were completely happy with our experience.

We sent several messages to our writer. She always responded promptly. Her responses were polite, professional, and helpful. She even approached us with several suggestions to improve our paper.

Prices Discounts And Payment Methods prices are very reasonable. We paid around 15 dollars per page for our essay. That is within industry norms. On top of that, we were able to apply a discount code as first-time customers. We found several other Wow Grade promo codes as well. We also learned that customer service representatives can help you find a WowGrade coupon if you need one.

We made our payment using a debit card. The process was safe and we did not have any problems. They also safely process payments from credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfer.

Final Conclusion

We are happy to give an excellent rating of Just like the many other positive reviews of, we can say that we were completely satisfied with our experience. We received excellent treatment from our writer and customer service team. Their website was perfectly designed and easy to use. Most importantly, we received an essay that was polished and professional. We are happy to suggest that if you are in need of writing services, you should give this writing service a try.


First, I`d like to comment their prices. I found them pleasantly affordable and nice as for a place with a high rating and years of experience. Second, there was such an easy way of our communication. Basically, when I messaged them they replied immediately. I mean like, wow, isn`t it? The results were approving. I like the job they did and I`m quite sure I`d cooperate with them with a total pleasure in the nearest future.

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Highly appreciate the help they gave me. My IT research paper based on C++ was something I couldn`t imagine doing myself. If weren`t for you boys, I dunno how I would have climbed out of the dirty water.